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We started small and intend on staying that way. Good things come in small packages and good food is made in small batches with only the finest ingredients.

1st Place

Mustard Barbecue Category

1st Place

Mild Barbecue Category

1st place

Mustard Barbecue Category

1st Place

Mustard Barbecue Category

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Mild Barbecue Category

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Chicken Category


Pit Wars Sauce Vs Sauce

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Beef Category

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Chicken Category



Jul 23, 2020

Wagyu Beef Short Ribs

These amazingly marbled wagyu beef short ribs from E3 Ranch & Co provided the perfect avenue for our sweet, smoky heat of Jalapeno Business and the salty, peppery, umami chocked flavors of Somethin' To Beef About. Of course I had to pull the trigger and make these special! The flavors that came off this cook were out of this world!

Jul 16, 2020

Green Chile Cheddar Hoecakes

When I first started dating Jenny decades ago, she introduced me to these things called hoecakes. At first, being the native northerner I am, I was skeptical. Hoecakes? You mean pancakes? Why are they hoecakes? You mean johnnycakes(I see you Mentor, Ohio)? Doesn't matter what you call them, any doubt quickly vanished after that first crunchy bite of these creamy beauties! Hoecakes have become a staple when we barbecue. Cornbread? Sure, alright but hoecakes are just better.

Jun 24, 2020

Slammin' Beef Jerky

This smoked beef jerky combines two of my favorite flavor profiles - the sweet and fruity heat of Jalapeño Business and the incredibly flavorful umami bomb of Somethin' To Beef About. I smoked it over cherrywood, which lends itself well to the fruity flavors of the marinade. This jerky turns out slightly sweet with a sneaky heat from jalapenos and aleppo chiles and the snappy tang of vinegar to balance it all out.

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