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We pride ourselves on creating unique and bold flavors with exceptional ingredients.

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Our dry rubs and spice blends are hand mixed and packaged in small batches—no fillers or artificial ingredients ever.

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Our mission is to make quality, all-natural sauces and rubs in small batches that our customers can feel good putting on their table.

Let's get cookin'

May 15, 2022

Savory Herbed Buttermilk Biscuits

Brian Leigh

I took my buttermilk biscuit recipe and clucked it up with our Somethin' To Cluck About herb blend making these fluffy and flaky biscuits pack a wallop of savory and herby flavor that goes with any dish - perfect for fried chicken or as the topping on a chicken pot pie. I love to eat these with a slice of white cheddar cheese and onion jam!

May 9, 2022

Spicy Shrimp Bucatini with Lemon Butter Sauce

Brian Leigh

What happens when you cook shrimp in butter with a spicy barbecue rub? This amazing pasta dish! A spicy, buttery and tangy sauce is soaked up by bucatini pasta and topped with succulent sweet-heat shrimp that will fire off all those endorphins your taste buds are looking for.

May 2, 2022

Classic Crunchy Beef Tacos

Brian Leigh

Let's talk tacos! I get a lot of questions on how I make tacos using our Somethin' To Taco Bout seasoning, and ya'll, let me tell you, it couldn't be more simple than a skillet, some protein and our seasoning. With Somethin' To Taco Bout, Taco Tuesday's come together quick and easy! 
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