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About Us

More Detailed Version: The biggest endorphin rush for me is making people happy. I also like to push boundaries, which I mean in the best sense. Did you know our tastebuds change every 7 years? What we don’t like one day, we may like the next.

Cliché as it may sound, watching someone enjoy flavors they never occurred to combine let alone enjoy gives me this rush of excitement and satisfaction. And I’ve been doing it since I was like 4.

In 2012, my then-girlfriend Jenny wanted a grill. We went to the store and bought this little, tiny thing. Within 2 hours of setting it up, I’d turned it into a smoker.

We grilled a brisket. Looking back, it was probably the worst brisket I’ve ever made, but it rekindled my desire to spend more time in the kitchen.

My friends loved when I cooked for them. Pretty soon, they wanted to buy the sauces I was making. Then their families wanted to buy them. The next thing I know, I’m catering graduation parties.

I married Jenny, and we gave away little sauce jars at our wedding. (I once referred to this as the official B.T. Leigh’s launch. As you can imagine, it was poor choice of words.)

She convinced me to move from Ohio to Kentucky. We set up shop, and on Cinco de Mayo 2018, we sold at our first farmer’s market.

B.T. Leigh’s was here to stay.

We’ve branched out beyond traditional BBQ flavors into sauces and spice blends that defy categories and have been honored by some of the highest awards in the industry.

B.T. Leigh’s can be found in stores in 34 states as well as in the United Kingdom and Honduras. We welcome wholesale orders.

New flavor combinations are always in the works, and there are plans to expand into other avenues. Create, taste, refine. This is the process we use to bring you flavors unrestrained. Nothing comes to you until we’re sure it’s ready.

We feel like we’re just getting started, and we hope you come along for the ride.

Speaking of rides, be sure to catch me on the PBS / PBS Food show The Great American Recipe.


Dec 30, 2022

Surprise Wedding Mac & Cheese

Brian Leigh

Back in July I did a cooking demonstration at the Stark County Educational Service Center at Stark State College for PBS Western Reserve in celebration of The Great American Recipe on PBS. Here's the recipe for our Surprise Wedding Mac & Cheese! All photos here are credited to Kelsey Davis and are included in the CantonRep article.

Sep 30, 2022

Southern Style Chicken & Dumplings

Brian Leigh

This Southern Style Chicken & Dumplings is amazing - Hearty, creamy, jam-packed with herbs and loaded with chicken! I had the family over and they annihilated most of the pot in between heaping mouthfuls of praise and dumplings. Winner winner chicken dinner indeed.

Sep 29, 2022

Balsamic Herb Pork Loin

Brian Leigh

This balsamic herb pork loin recipe is an easy dish that really brings the flavor!  The combination of balsamic vinegar, Somethin' To Cluck About and minced garlic elevates this weeknight meal to a whole new level.  Perfect for date night or that weekday meal. Try it with our Herb Roasted Potatoes to make that meal pop!

Sep 28, 2022

Herb Roasted Potatoes

Brian Leigh

Crispy, creamy and herby, these oven roasted potatoes are packed with the delicious fragrant flavors of Somethin' To Cluck About, my citrus herb blend!  This recipe is a quick and easy side dish for any family meal!
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