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Jalapeño Business Grilled Trout

I was talking to a customer the other day and they mentioned that they loved our Jalapeño Business on fish. They couldn't have played it up more and I knew I had play with that idea.

I love freshwater fish. I've hooked my share of Lake Erie Walleye and Yellow Perch and I used to go fishing in the small creeks in northern Pennsylvania for Rainbow Trout. I havent been fishing in years, but every so often, I crave that flavor in my life. I decided that trout would be the focus of our exploration with this sweet, tangy, spicy sauce.

I was astounded by the results.

Here's how I did it:

Jalapeño Business Grilled Trout

Bright and Citrusy with a Punch


  • 4 fresh trout filets, skin on.
  • 1 bottle of Jalapeño Business.
  • 2 limes.
  • 1 lemon.
  • A neutral oil, such as canola or grapeseed.
  • Salt and Pepper to taste.


  • Heat your grill to 250 degrees. Make sure your grill grates are properly cleaned so the trout does not stick.
  • While your grill is heating, slice up one lime and one lemon. Make sure to slice the fruits fairly thin.
  • Lightly coat your trout filets in oil and season with salt and pepper.
  • Place the trout on the grill, skin side down. Next to the trout, place the citrus slices in approximately the same size as the filet - usually about 3 slices.
  • Take a brush and apply a thin layer of Jalapeño Business on the citrus and the fish.
  • Be careful to watch your fish. Trout will cook quickly on the grill and will be done when the flesh is flakey and white. This should be approximately 3 minutes. If its a bigger filet, be sure to flip it onto the citrus bed halfway through cooking. For a smaller filet, flip it onto the lemon-lime layer just before it finishes cooking. Be sure to brush the skin with some Jalapeño Business!
  • Serve immediately, maybe with a wonderful Green Chile Cheddar Hoecake and enjoy!
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